In the media: Print

March 2015: Tile Today Magazine, Volume 23, Issue 86 (March-May 2015)

October/November 2014: Flooring Magazine, Volume 32 No. 5

October 2014: The Executive Housekeeper, Vol 18 Number 3


October 2014: Education Today, Term 4 2014 Vol 14 (4)

October 2014: Hardware Journal, Volume 129 No. 10






In the media: Online

20 March 2015: The Fifth Estate - Exciting times ahead for sustainable products and materials

23 February 2015: Sourceable - The sustainable carpet buying guide

19 February 2015: The Fifth Estate - GECA looks to expand beyond environmental labelling

30 January 2015: Design Build blog - Fire rated materials that are better for you and the environment

20 January 2015: Waste Management World - New GECA standards for recycled paper products in Australia

14 December 2014: FM - Why we should think green when we clean

10 December 2014: Sourceable - Sustainable, healthy foam - What are the options?

26 November 2014: Sourceable - Making sense of international certification schemes

24 November 2014: Design Build blog - The wide world of green building and certification schemes

20 November 2014: Architecture & Design - Celebrating our unsung heroes

13 November 2014: The Fifth Estate - GECA gains international certification accreditation

1 November 2014: Sourceable - Will natural refrigerants become the norm?

2 October 2014: Sourceable - Sustainable Adhesives: The Forgotten Building Material?

30 September 2014: The Fifth Estate - GECA on a growth path with appointment of Dr Shaila Divakarla

15 September 2014: Sourceable - Is chrome going out of fashion?

15 September 2014: Stationery News - Labelling review for paper and recycled products

13 August 2014: RockCote blog - How to choose healthier and environmentally-preferable paints

18 July 2014: Sourceable - Why Sustainable Furniture Matters

14 July 2014: Architecture and Design - GECA and Banksia Foundation create new award for product sustainability

27 June 2014: Sourceable - The tough side of soft furnishings

25 June 2014: The Fifth Estate - GECA releases new standard for textiles

24 June 2014: The Natural Artisan - How to choose healthier and environmentally-preferable paints

16 June 2014: Property Republic - Going Green: Materials

13 June 2014: Eco Business, Fibre2Fashion, RagtraderEcoTextile News and Fashionating World - GECA releases new standard to address textiles issues

10 June 2014: The Switch Report - Meet CEO Of Good Environmental Choice Australia, Rupert Posner

4 June 2014: Sourceable - Sustainable goals driving demand for certification

8 May 2014: Otter - Clean your house and your conscience part 2: environment and health

7 May 2014: Industry Network eMagazine - What is GECA certification?

24 April 2014: Sourceable - How sustainable design can boost productivity

22 April 2014: The Interiors Addict - How to choose paint which is healthier for you and the environment

16 April 2014: My Green Australia - What makes paint environmentally-preferable?

11 April 2014: Sourceable - Eco lodge built with local and recycled materials

9 &11 April 2014: Architecture and Design and Eco Business - GECA seeks industry feedback for new environmental preferability standard

25 March 2014: Sourceable - Why we should be giving buildings a greener clean

19 March 2014: Infolink - Public Feedback to influence new standards for Good Environmental Choice Australia

12 March 2014: The Fifth Estate - GECA seeks feedback for new materials standards

07 January 2014: Bioemarket - Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) - New Standard for Textiles and Leather.

30 January 2014: Otter - Choose safe cleaning products for your home. 

30 January 2014: Special Chem - AkzoNobel Joins SEAFRONT, BASF and Sinopec Break Ground on INA Plant, RPM Buys Citadel Resto and Repair.

29 January 2014: Ragtrader - Raising the bar.

23 January 2014: Infolink - First GECA licensee audited by DLCS International.

23 January 2014: Ferret - GECA's new paints and coatings standards recognised by GBCA.

22 January 2014: Fibre2Fashion - GECA develops new environmental textiles & leather standard.

22 January 2014: Sourceable - Strong environmental self-identity improves green behaviour.

22 January 2014: Eco-Business - A better standard for textiles and leather: have your say.

21 January 2014: Textiles UpdateGECA Welcomes Thoughts from Public for their Textile Standard.

21 January 2014:  Infolink -  GECA cleaning and paint products standards gain GBCA approval.

21 January 2014: Just-Style - AUSTRALIA: Draft textile standard up for discussion.

20 January 2014: The Fifth Estate - GECA cleaning and paint products now recognised by the GBCA.

20 January 2014: Ecotextile News - New Australian textile standard.

20 January 2014: Eco-Business - First GECA licensee audited by DLCS International.

20 January 2014: Eco-Business - GECA cleaning and paint products now recognised by the GBCA.

14 December 2013: Brisbane Times Business Day - Ratings tool crucial to lifting sustainability standards.

12 December 2013: Ideas Hoist - Gordon Renouf Founder of Otter.

11 December 2013: Sourceable - To The Floor With It: 2014 Green Flooring Trends.

4 December 2013: Shopperpedia - Australian consumers will pay more for ‘eco-friendly’ vegetables, study.

2 December 2013: Sourceable - Making Child’s Play of Green Schools.

15 November 2013: Recycled Interiors - Home Design Magazine Australian Living Green Interior Awards.

15 November 2013: Architecture & Design - DLCS International  to audit GECA scheme.

15 November 2013: Eco-BusinessDLCS International receives JAS-ANZ accreditation to audit GECA scheme.

15 November 2013: BPN -  DLCS International to audit GECA scheme.

11 November 2013: Mum's lounge - Five Tips to 'Green-up' the Clean-up.

5 November 2013: Infolink - Hebel building material delivers superior environmental benefits.

25 October 2013: Climate Friendly - Survey shows sustainability is a high priority for business.

23 September 2013: Eco-BusinessGECA teams up as event partner for Australian Sustainability Conference.

12 September 2013: KE-ZU Blog - GECA News Brings it All …

11 September 2013: Dynamic Business - Sustainability front and centre for business.


10 September 2013: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Business Tourism News - Sustainability meet set for October.

25 June 2013: Cosmetics design-asia - Environmental standard introduced to ease Oz consumers’ concerns.

20 June 2013: The Urban Silouette - Better Beauty.

19 June 2013: Peppermint magazine - Green beauty made easy.

19 June 2013: ABC News - New labelling standard identifies eco-friendly toiletries and cosmetics.

19 June 2013: AFN Thought for food - GECA launches its ‘environmental standard’ certification for labelling of personal care products.

19 June 2013: Green Living 4 Live - New labelling standard identifies eco-friendly toiletries and cosmetics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).




In the media: Radio

Sunday 20 July 2014: Rupert Posner chats to Sue Reece with Barometer, Radio Adelaide

Podcast: Your Environmental Choice – how you can make it a Good One (Link to MP3)

Thursday 12 June and Friday 13 June 2014: Rupert Posner is interviewed by ABC Brisbane and ABC Newcastle

ABC Radio 612 Brisbane (MP3) (also available here)
ABC Radio Newcastle (MP3)

Monday 19 November 2012: Rupert Posner is interviewed by ABC Radio Newcastle and North Queensland 

ABC Radio Newcastle (MP3)
ABC Radio North Queensland (MP3)


In the media: TV

19 November 2012: Rupert Posner interviewed by ABC News 24




GEN is the global peak body for Type-1 ecolabelling organizations based on the ISO 14024 standard. GEN promotes and represents world best practice in ecolabelling. Type-1 ecolabel standards address multiple environmental criteria across the life cycle of the product or service, they are transparent in their development process and employ independent, third-party verification. GEN also runs the GENICES peer review scheme to recognise ecolabels that meet best practice standards.

GECA has GENICES recognition, along with many other ecolabels around the world. GENICES status helps Australian suppliers whose products are imported and have already been certified overseas under another ecolabel recognised by GEN. For these products, the process of achieving certification under an existing GECA standard is now more streamlined and cost-effective, often with fewer site audits or the need to resubmit documentation.

For a quick and easy way to find out what GENICES means for you, check out our flowchart guide below.

Environmental certification you can trust Environmental certification you can trust