Macquarie Textiles

With a rich history dating back to 1868 in the design and manufacture of textile solutions, Macquarie is not just an industry pioneer but also a recognised leader in the Australian and international textile industries.

As a leading textile solution provider, Macquarie maintains a clear and committed focus on creating textile solutions for international and domestic customers.

Through continued investment in new technology and commitment to international best practices, Macquarie is at the forefront of its industry and is able to service all markets through its extensive worldwide network of agents and distributors.

Macquarie Textiles has a history that dates back to 1868, originally with 100% Australian wool fabrics designed in Australia. Our Contract (furnishing) products over the years have incorporated synthetic fibres and currently bamboo fibres. Today’s products cover a range of wool, wool blend, wool / bamboo and recycled synthetic fabrics for the contract furnishing industry.

These GECA contract furnishing fabrics are designed specifically for the green building community, specialising in contract furnishings that satisfy all the requirements for a Green fit out.

Macquaire Textiles

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