Stage 2: Review and audit

What's involved?

  • GECA will provide details of accredited CABs and a quote form to be completed for CAB to provide a proposal
  • The proposal will outline the fee for the conformance assessment process. This fee is set by and payable to the CAB
  • The applicant should discuss with the CAB all aspects of the audit, including cost, timeframe and documents required
  • An audit report is produced by the CAB as a result of the conformance assessment
  • A verification report is produced as a result of the conformance
  • As part of the verification report, the CAB will issue a letter of conformance to both GECA and the applicant stating whether the product conforms­ to the relevant GECA standard or not. If the product doesn’t conform, the CAB will discuss options with you

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1-3 months variable assuming all data and documentation has been provided to the CAB.


Payable to the CAB, the cost is variable depending on the type and number of products and site visit costs. This is the cost of the audit of your product or service against a GECA standard. Audit fees are negotiated directly with the CAB. GECA is not informed of the audit costs and has no involvement with setting this fee. Audit fees apply to new applicants and existing GECA licensees for certification audits, surveillance audits or re-certification audits. If your organisation has other auditing needs (ISO 14001 or ISO 9001), you may include details in your application to GECA. All information about your product remains confidential between applicant and CAB.