Fuji Xerox Australia

Fuji Xerox Australia

Industy leading product stewardship

In certifying their range of ApeosPort devices (multifunction business solution devices) under the GECA 10-2008 Printers and Imaging Equipment Standard, Fuji Xerox have passed multiple criteria to provide environmentally preferable electronic equipment.

Reducing the environmental loads of printing products can be achieved through innovation in product design and delivery. Environmentally preferable machines can be energy tested and rated Sound-Power Level compliant. Made from recycled or re-used plastics and metals, which can be re-recycled, equipment is modular in design and easily dismantled. This means that by having product stewardship in place, FujiXerox take back the product at end-of-life for re-use, recycling or disposal.

Fuji Xerox’s office multifunction devices offer green procurement officers and green IT specialists a low toxicity, high performance and environmentally sensitive solution.

"This award [GECA Ecolabel] from an independent body, assesses a product's environmental performance based on strict criteria. It shows that Fuji Xerox processes are conceived with environmental criteria at the forefront of their development, and it reinforces the company's strong commitment to environmental sustainability... This GECA Ecolabel gives us a point of difference."

Nadia Tesia, Product Marketing Manager

Fuji Xerox Australia


Fuji Xerox Apeos Port Multifunction Device Fuji Xerox Apeos Port Multifunction Device